Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Baby Don't Forget My Number"

Thank you all for playing, here are the eagerly anticipated answers to the "Don't Lose My Number" post last week. I got this as a spreadsheet, so I was able to plug something in and see if it was correct.

1. 26 L of the A -- hemisphire starting things out right with 26 letters of the Alphabet

2. 7 D of the W --7 Days of the week, another one picked up by

3. 7 W of the W--7 Wonders of the World, Melissa very nicely picking up the pass

4. 12 S of the Z--12 signs of the zodiac is correct

5. 52 C in a D (WJs)--52 cards in a deck (Without Jokers) Melissa pulls this one out, Jokers, not Jacks

6. 13 S in the USF--13 stripes in the USF is correct. One of the ones I did not include was 13=UFS which was supposedly 13 is unlucky for some. Lame.

7. 18 H on a G C--18 Holes on a Golf Course, correct

8. 5 T on a F--5 Toes on a Foot, it took me days to get this one, nice one Melissa

9. 90 D in a R A--90 Degrees in a Right Angle, Nice one Maren, it took me a while to get this one as well.

10. 3 B M ( S H T R)--Maren's placeholder is not as close as she hopes :-) 3 Blind Mice (See How They Run) I did not get this one until I was asking my father for the answer. As I said " I still don't get 3 B M" I suddenly got it. See, say it out loud works!

11. 32 is the T in D F at which W F--32 is the temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit at which water freezes. Another correct one for hemisphire. Anyone else have a science teacher who claimed we would never have to teach this to our children because within 20 years or so, everything would be metric? Oh naive science teacher of my youth, never overlook the blind stubborn aversion to change of the American People.

12. 15 P on a R T--I admit, I only got this by shear blind luck of a guess. 15 Players on a Rugby Team.

13. 3 W on a T--3 Wheels on a Tricycle, nice one Melissa, another one I admit took me days. My Dad kept calling me and saying "3 W on a T , come on!" But I couldn't do it until I took the weekend off.

14. 11 P on a F (S) T--This is the one I got that helped me guess the Rugby one. 11 Players on a Football (Soccer) Team

15. 12 M in a Y--Twelve Months in a Year is Correct

16. 8 T on an O--8 Tentacles on an Octopus. Good one Maren, I was particularly pleased when I got this one after only briefly trying to spell angles with a silent T at the beginning "8 Tangles on a Octagon" was not a correct answer.

17. 29 D in F on a L Y--29 Days in February on a Leap Year. Nice going.

18. 365 D in a Y--365 Days in a Year, another gimme

19. 13 L in a B D--13 Loaves in a Bakers Dozen. Maren sweeps up another one.

20. 52 W in a Y--52 Weeks in a Year

21. 9 L of a C-- Kind of surprised no one got this one. Maren's answer made me question her sanity until I read that it was a place holder, not a guess. Then I read it again and laughed out loud. 9 Legs on a Camel? No Maren, 9 Lives of a Cat

22. 60 M in a H--60 Minutes in an hour, correct again.

23. 23 P of C in the HB--23 Pairs of Chromosomes in the Human Body. Nice one Melissa. I got this one eventually, but only after trying to remember how many Pictures of Christ were in the Holy Bible. Or Persons of Color, or Presents of Christmas, or People of Chinese. I finally realised it wasn't Holy Bible after exhausting all of my options.

24. 64 S on a C B--Nobody? 64 squares on a Chess (or you could say checkers) Board.

25. 9 P in S A-- Best wrong answer that sounds perfectly plausible goes to Maren for 9 Pronouns in Standard Arabic. I myself kept trying to make it about South America there are 13 countries, but I was guessing ( Presidents of South America, nine Parliaments of South America. This is one of the really hard ones I left in. 9 Provinces in South Africa

26. 6 B to an O in C--Again, no one should have gotten this one. I came close ( I guessed C was Cricket, that's close right?) 6 Balls to an Over in Cricket

27. 1000 Y in a M--1000 Years in a Millennium

28. 15 M on a D M C--I'm guessing Maren deserves partial credit for this one, but every Pirate I know sings it as 15 Men on a Dead Man's Chest. But I do like Monkeys, so partial credit.

Bonus: I already told you about the stupid Unlucky for some one I left out. the others were

66 B of the B
27 B in the NT
39 B of the OT

Now with all three together, you might get these. I did, but not all faiths count them the same.
66 Books of the Bible
27 Books of the New Testament
39 Books of the Old Testament

and the one no one I know got: 100 C in a R

Hope you all enjoyed the quiz. If you are interested in taking some of the other parts, here is a link to a site. If you want to go to the Mensa sight and do their "workout" here is the link for that.

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