Thursday, May 3, 2012


Spider-Man, Spider-Man
I did a guest blog about Spider-Man
It's not short, It's not long
Check it out if you have the time--
Hey man:
guest post about Spider-Man

So a friend of mine from High School has written a new book featuring a new Superhero of her own creation. Shadow on the Wall is the first book in a planned series featuring a Turkish, Muslim hero named The SandStorm that I'm really looking forward to reading. To celebrate she asked a bunch of cool people to write guest posts on who they thought the greatest superhero was and why. I still don't know why she asked me, but I chose Spider-Man. He's not my favorite, but damned if he isn't Great.  There are giveaways a plenty, so go check it out. Now for your listening pleasure I give you, the Ramones:

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